Why Automotive Tinting?

There are many benefits to having your automobile windows tinted. Window film can provide up to 99% U.V. Ray protection against the sun. Let us point out the advantages from having a high quality film applied to your vehicle:

  • Window film protects your interior upholstery from fading or cracking, and your dashboard if film is applied to the windshield.
  • A significant amount of heat can be rejected, reducing strain on your engine from running the air conditioner at a high level.
  • Helps glare reduction while enhancing your cars appearance.
  • Darker windows can deter burglars, and also holds shattered glass together in case of an accident.

1. What are the details and specifications of your film?

Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic

Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic is an IR film that offers advanced heat rejection technology through its nano-particle ceramic construction.

    • IR film that rejects up to 87% of infrared rays
    • Ceramic, metal-free construction
    • Color-stable
    • Neutral, non-reflective appearance
    • Reduces glare
    • Provides over 99% UV protection
    • Offered in a variety of shades
    • Minimizes fading of interiors and protects finishes
    • Holds broken glass together in the event of an accident

    Black Pearl NC rejects up to 87% of infrared rays and offers protection from 99% of UV rays creating a more comfortable drive. Its ceramic, metal-free construction won’t interfere with wireless or satellite connections.
    With its rich, black color, Black Pearl NC is available in a variety of shades to help minimize annoying glare—providing a level of privacy of your choosing. Available with a Manufacturer’s Warranty in North America.

    Panaflex™ | Carbon Ceramic

    Not all window films are created equal. Panaflex™ has definitely taken its place as the next evolution in ceramic window film technology. Leaps and bounds more powerful than technologies that have existed in the industry for over forty years, Panaflex™ has the unique ability to block out more of the solar spectrum than other technologies. Panaflex™ boasts up to 80% broad-spectrum infrared radiation (IR) rejection and 99.9% ultraviolet (UV) protection. By blocking out both infrared radiation and ultraviolet energy and greatly reducing heat, Panaflex™ has the power to make a difference you will actually feel.

    Terraflex™ | Nano Carbon

    If you are concerned about fading, Terraflex™ is the product for you. Terraflex™ is a true carbon window film that is designed to not fade or change colors, unlike dyed window film. With its high infrared radiation (IR) rejection and ultraviolet (UV) protection, you will notice a substantial decrease in the heat that transmits into your vehicle. Terraflex™ boasts 99.9% ultraviolet (UV) protection and up to 60% infrared radiation (IR) rejection. Best of all, Terraflex™ is manufactured with zero dye. No fade. No color change.

2. What's the legal limit in Georgia?

The legal limit in Ga. is 32% for cars. Trucks, vans, suv’s etc., have a different chassis, so the back of the vehicle can be as dark as you’d like, as long as the front two windows are 32%.

3. What if I want darker than the Georgia legal limit?

We do not inspect vehicle registration to determine the legal limit for your car, but we recommend staying within the legal limit for your state.

4. Does your film come with a warranty?

Absolutely! Film installed by The Three Tinters comes with a lifetime warranty against peeling, fading, cracking, bubbling, color change, and delaminating. We have never had a client return with purple or bubbling film, but if there are any problems, simply bring the vehicle back. We will take all necessary steps to ensure each and every client receives the top notch service that we promise.

5. My car gets very hot in the summer. Will darker film help with the heat?

Yes and no. The darkness of the film does not determine the level of heat rejection. Darker film is great for glare reduction, and darkening the inside of your vehicle. But the infrared (heat) rejection will depend on the quality of the film used. In other words, you can have limo tint on your car with little heat rejection, or a clear film with up to 90% heat rejection. Let us know what your reasons are for tinting your vehicle, so that we can determine the best film to custom fit your needs.

6. I will only pay $125 for tint!

No established window tinting company would tint your car for $125, unless they are running a serious promotional campaign, and even then that’s a stretch. A $125 tint job will most likely involve an inexperienced installer who can damage your vehicle. An inexperienced installer can easily:

  • Short circuit your window motor
  • Cut your glass or body paint
  • Melt the rubber linings and/or door panels
  • Crack your glass
  • Destroy your defroster lines
  • Puncture or cut your upholstery
  • Damage removable parts, like brake lights, review mirrors, etc..

It should be noted that a quality film has a lot of technology invested in it, but a cheap film does not. There are always fly by night companies that aren’t interested in doing quality work, and are only interested in making a quick buck. Just because you’re told that you have a warranty doesn’t mean that the company will honor it, or even be around when the film starts to fail; but a well established company built on trust, depend on you as a client returning because you’re satisfied with their work.

We have removed countless “$125” tint jobs from unsatisfied customers that were looking for a deal, and ended up paying more to have the film removed than they did to have it tinted in the first place. Just remember, you get what you pay for, so at least use a reputable company and avoid the possibility of a poor window tint installation.

Our Customer’s Satisfaction is our “ONLY” goal.

Best of them all!

I have had previous trucks tinted before but not nearly as well as Saeed and the guys at The Three Tinters.

Mark A.

Raleigh, NC

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